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Koson Technology Sdn Bhd is a software company that was founded since 2012 in Hong Kong with the stated objective of developing software products for business industry. Over years it has expanded into China and Malaysia.

Our company is a leader in the development and production of cutting-edge digital products that leverage the latest technologies to solve real-world problems and enhance people’s lives.

We believe that the key to success in today’s global economy is to establish a strong international presence through a network of branches around the world.

Our ultimate goal is to create a pool of highly skilled IT talent that can help drive innovation and growth in Hong Kong and beyond.

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Your Dream Job In One Place


Internjob.co provide one-stop solution for all your job hunting needs. Whether you’re looking for a new job or need to fill a job opening, we’ve got you covered. Our platform connects job seekers with top job agents and recruiters, making it easier for you to find the perfect job or candidate.


Exploring the Capabilities of Map APIs:
A Comprehensive Research Project


Mapmama give users a function to turn google sheet with map latitude longitude data that can export to JSON and also show as a googlemaps box with marker.


Trusted By Top Industry Leaders

The New Standard In Robotic Platform

Based out of Hong Kong and Israel, Robocore develop solutions for all segments and customers including Home, Hospitality, Retails, Medical, Industrial, Commercial and all other relevant applications.


At the core of iMBrace’s business model is the use of cognitive AI and no-code workflows, which provide customers with highly efficient and customizable solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Pioneer in garment supply chain solutions

Wadhsons, guiding supply chain of garment excellence since 1985, specializes in responsible product sourcing and end-to-end solutions, ensuring reliability and excellence at every stage of your journey.

Cloud advisory for global brands

Master Concept leads in tech services and cloud advisory for global brands with 120+ Asia Pacific experts, offering comprehensive solutions in cloud strategy, implementation, training, and platform enhancements across industries.

Leading business solution provider

Founded in 1985 as a small forms company, Altec has grown into a leading global business solution provider. Altec expansion is driven by loyal customer feedback, a dedicated team, and a commitment to solving business challenges worldwide.

Leading manufacturer

D&G Machinery, a leading global manufacturer in the asphalt mixing plant and road material processing industry, known for their expertise in RAP application and backed by strong R&D and service teams.

Cloud Leaders in Asia Pacific

Vantis Consulting Group foresaw the impact of cloud computing on business IT. As a leading Asia Pacific firm, they provide end-to-end solutions and training for a competitive edge.


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